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LumiTronic Industries is a worldwide operating company specialised in the supply of Electronic Price Systems for petrol stations. We have over twenty years of experience in the field and are involved in almost all major retail visual identity programs or retrofit projects and more than 10,000 systems have been sold.

LTI products range from semi-automatic systems to fully automatic systems with remote control and diagnostics for unmanned stations. They are designed to meet the lowest total cost of ownership. Both Moving Film™ and Multi Segment™ technology are supported.

Moving Film™ is a mechatronic display technology which offers a highly reliable, cost effective solution to display price information in the corporate identity colours and typeface.

Multi Segment™ is a LED display technology, designed for long-life applications with a high redundancy, and offers “analog” type of characters built up out individual groups of LED's.

LTI is committed to improve and innovate its products constantly. Together with our clients we develop new products and concepts. We are technology driven and the first to implement new features for petrol price signs in the market. Our systems guarantee a high degree of reliability and serviceability due to their modular design.

In the offices in Delft 25 people are involved in development, prototype production and support of LTI products. A substantial part of the production is subcontracted in order to respond dynamically to the strong varying demands from the market. LTI is part of HedoN Holding B.V. group of companies and has it headquarters on Elektronicaweg 17, 2628 XG, Delftech Park, Delft, the Netherlands.